Keep Transit Public Candidate Pledges

There is a lot at stake with the Ontario election: The Liberals and Ontario PC’s appear to favour contracting out and privatization, which threatens our job security and the transit system we have been proud to operate and maintain for 119 years. ATU Local 113 is clear: privatizing our public goods means profit for private companies on the backs of taxpayers while projects take longer to complete, cost more and deliver less for the public.

In support of the Keep Transit Public campaign, our Sisters and Brothers have gone riding-by-riding asking candidates to sign a pledge to Keep Transit Public should they be elected to office.

The pledge asks candidates of all parties to commit to:

  1. Provide support and advocate that the TTC will operate and maintain all existing and future LRT, subway, bus, WheelTrans, streetcar, SRT and related services with a view to returning services to the TTC where they have been contracted out.
  2. Support existing and future transit development that is publicly funded, owned, operated and maintained by the TTC.
  3. Reject utilizing the P3 (Public Private Partnerships) model for future transit development in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.
  4. Reject the “contracting-out” of public transit services.
    Reject the provincial uploading of transit assets.

You can find the most updated list of candidates who signed the pledge below. There is too much at stake this election to wait and see. Make sure to vote for public transit on June 7. Find out where you vote here.

image of Andrea Horwath, NDP

Andrea Horwath, NDP

Riding: Hamilton Centre

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Monique Hughes, NDP

Monique Hughes, NDP

Riding: Ajax

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Rima Berns-McGown, NDP

Rima Berns-McGown, NDP

Riding: Beaches-East York

image of Alex Felsky, NDP

Alex Felsky, NDP

Riding: Brantford-Brant

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Sara Singh, NDP

Sara Singh, NDP

Riding: Brampton Centre

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Gurratan Singh, NDP

Gurratan Singh, NDP

Riding: Brampton East

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Jagroop Singh, NDP

Jagroop Singh, NDP

Riding: Brampton West

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Marit Stiles, NDP

Marit Stiles, NDP

Riding: Davenport

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Joel Usher, NDP

Joel Usher, NDP

Riding: Durham

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Sylvie David, NDP

Sylvie David, NDP

Riding: Durham

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Robyn Vilde, NDP

Robyn Vilde, NDP

Riding: Eglinton-Lawrence

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Phil Trotter, NDP

Phil Trotter, NDP

Riding: Etobicoke Lakeshore

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Sandy Shaw, NDP

Sandy Shaw, NDP

Riding: Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Tom Rakocevic, NDP

Tom Rakocevic, NDP

Riding: Humber River-Black Creek

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Kingsley Kwok, NDP

Kingsley Kwok, NDP

Riding: Markham-Stouffville

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Nikki Clarke, NDP

Nikki Clarke, NDP

Riding: Mississauga-Malton

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Jeff Burch, NDP

Jeff Burch, NDP

Riding: Niagara Centre

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Wayne Gates, NDP

Wayne Gates, NDP

Riding: Niagara Falls, Fort Erie and Niagara on-the-Lake

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Jennifer French, NDP

Jennifer French, NDP

Riding: Oshawa

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Bhutila Karpoche, NDP

Bhutila Karpoche, NDP

Riding: Parkdale-High Park

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Zeyd Bismilla, NDP

Zeyd Bismilla, NDP

Riding: Scarborough Centre

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Felicia Samuel, NDP

Felicia Samuel, NDP

Riding: Scarborough Rouge Park

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Doly Begum, NDP

Doly Begum, NDP

Riding: Scarborough Southwest

image of Jennie Stevens, NDP

Jennie Stevens, NDP

Riding: St. Catharines

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Suze Morrison, NDP

Suze Morrison, NDP

Riding: Toronto Centre

image of Jill Andrew, NDP

Jill Andrew, NDP

Riding: Toronto- St. Paul’s

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Jessica Bell, NDP

Jessica Bell, NDP

Riding: University Rosedale

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Niki Lundquist, NDP

Niki Lundquist, NDP

Riding: Whitby

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Saman Tabasinejad, NDP

Saman Tabasinejad, NDP

Riding: Willowdale

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Andrea Vásquez Jiménez, NDP

Andrea Vásquez Jiménez, NDP

Riding: York Centre

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Faisal Hassan, NDP

Faisal Hassan, NDP

Riding: York South-Weston

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Nerissa Carino

Nerissa Carino

Riding: Pickering-Uxbridge

Signed Pledge (PDF)

image of Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh

Riding: Federal Leader

image of Tim Grant, Green Party

Tim Grant, Green Party

Riding: University-Rosedale

image of Peter Tabuns, NDP

Peter Tabuns, NDP

Riding: Toronto-Danforth

image of Pekka Reinio, NDP

Pekka Reinio, NDP

Riding: Barrie-Innisfil

image of Scott Duvall, NDP

Scott Duvall, NDP

Riding: Hamilton Mountain

Signed Pledge (PDF)